• Weekly Service - Skimming, Vacuuming, Brushing, Water Testing & Balancing, Full Equipment Checks, Emptying of all Baskets & Cleaner Bags. This service includes all standard balancing chemicals. Rates starting at $39 a week. An inspection of the pool and pool equipment will be necessary in quoting all pools for service. Custom plans to fit your pool service needs are available. 
  • Swamp Treatments - abandoned or mistreated pools are drained, acid-washed, refilled, filters cleaned, and chemically balanced, bringing your pool back to life again. Prices vary depending on severity of the pool. On some cases we may encounter permanent damage to the plaster causing noticeable blemishes. Prices may increase for additional items or services needed.
  • One Time Clean - $95.
  • Salt Cell Clean - $35
  • New Pool Start-Ups ​- $400
  • Pool Schools - Recently moved to a new home with a pool and aren't sure how to maintain your new investment? We can teach you! We have an hour crash course on how your pool works and how to properly maintain all aspects. 
  • Chemical Only Service - If you are wanting to maintain the cleanliness of the pool, but aren't so sure about the chemical balance, we offer a weekly service of chemical testing and balancing. If you own a salt water pool, the first 8 bags of salt are included in the price. 
  • Repairs - We handle all major and minor repairs, replacements, and upgrades from all manufacturers.
  • Remodeling - Want to give your pool a face lift or tackle larger scale repairs? We can upgrade or repair all equipment, tile, coping, plaster, and decking.